Friends Who Are Friends of Jesus

At the center of our groups is a high value for God’s presence. We intentionally set aside time to worship, pray, and take communion together.
Our groups are low-risk environments where we can step out in faith to grow to be more like Jesus. We practice hearing God’s voice and serve our city together.
We realize that everyone’s need for Jesus looks different, and we strengthen each other through encouragement, healthy discussion, and fellowship, while giving each other the grace to grow.

We have groups for any person, any age. Click below to find your next group!


What does a typical group look like?

What do groups talk about?

Our groups start off with some announcements, and generally include a little bit of worship and prayer before heading into group discussion.

How long do groups meet?

On a nightly basis, most groups meet for about an hour and a half.  As far as long-term, some groups meet continually, while others meet for about 10 weeks.

When do groups start?

Trimester starts on May 19  through June 30. 
Some groups discuss the sermon, some groups discuss the specific topic they are studying, and some groups just hang out and enjoy time together.

Is there childcare?

Some groups will handle childcare within the group with the other members by rotating coverage or by pitching in to cover the weekly cost of a babysitter. Groups that are on the church campus on Wednesday nights have a kids program during the time of adult groups. Sign your child up here.

What happens if I join a group but it doesn't work out?

You're free to try another group! Just because you join a group doesn't mean you're stuck with it forever.