angie twyman

executive PASTOR

Angie has been at the Inland Vineyard since 2008 and serves as the Executive Pastor. She loves to see the church move forward in practical ways and to see real people blessed in real ways. Angie’s heart is to see the church be as excited and efficient as it can be, and she feels called to bring those qualities to the local church. Growth, new ideas, and new territory being covered are the things that Angie enjoys. She loves being a part of a well-oiled machine so that people can gather together under the world-changing vision that all have been called to by God. Angie loves teamwork and seeing how people can make one another better during the pursuit of the exciting mission the church is on. Angie feels blessed with an amazing husband and her three kids. Angie spends as much free time as she can enjoying her family or watching her kids play sports. Angie is fun-loving, typically seen celebrating, hanging out with friends, trying new things, and enjoying the incredible gift of life!